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Stafflink International  in collaboration with Fusion Frontier is pleased to announce the launch of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX or Sarbox) Compliance Trainnig For IT and Information Security Professionals.

Conducted by George Lekatis, a renowned risk and compliance consultant, this 3-days interactive course and workshop is specifically targeted at IT professionals who are responsible for IT compliance, controls, security processes and management.

14-16 Sept 2005


M Hotel

This program is specifically targeted at IT professionals who wish to know more about SOX or
Sarbox and how it affects IT processes and controls.

SOX is an act or law enacted in US in July 02 due to collapse of WorldCom and Enron. Under SOX Act, for US
listed companies CEO/CFO must ensure and certified that the financial data reported by them comply with
certain set of expectation and requirements.

Basically SOX Act is related to financial reporting companies however as Information Technologies are
heavily used to process financial data and churn out the reports, it is imperative for IT professionals to
know about SOX.

Currently in the market there is a huge skill gap in SOX all over the world, including Singapore because it
is new.

IT professional who is trained in SOX will have advantage in securing better career prospect in US
listed companies eg. Visa, Citibank, UPS, Fedex, Chartered Semiconductor etc.

Currently there is no SOX training targeted at IT professionals in Singapore. So the potential is quite

Should you require more information, please feel free to contact us :

The Course Manager

Email: [email protected]